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Ratings & Reviews

  1. filmcapsule's rating of the film Luminous People

    Charming travelogue-like tone to this omnibus short from Apichatpong. Much less political than I assumed, but the short contains images of monks goofing off - apparently very controversial, as we know from Syndromes and a Century. Apichatpong has a beautiful gift for humanizing everyone. The distant sound and grainy image both felt pleasantly analog and alive.

  2. eric gould's rating of the film Luminous People

    A boat coursing near the Laotian border along the Mekong River serves as a metaphor for a life's journey in Luminous People. A family pays respects to the memory of a man's father who appears in his dreams. This short film captures subtle impressions from the spray of water, the boat's staccato engine noise, and arms scattering petals. On the other side it's peaceful; they turn off the lights at night, one man says.