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  1. Photo of Kunie Tanaka

    Kunie Tanaka Cast

  2. Photo of Yuki Meguro

    Yuki Meguro Cast

  3. Photo of Hideko Ezaki

    Hideko Ezaki Cast

  4. Photo of Shiro Ito

    Shiro Ito Cast

  5. Photo of Takashi Tsuboshima

    Takashi Tsuboshima Director

  6. Photo of Hiroshi Nagano

    Hiroshi Nagano Screenplay

  7. Photo of Monkey Punch

    Monkey Punch Screenplay

  8. Photo of Fujio Akatsuka

    Fujio Akatsuka Producer

  9. Photo of Yutaka Fujioka

    Yutaka Fujioka Producer

  10. Photo of Chinatsu Nakayama

    Chinatsu Nakayama Producer

  11. Photo of Kameo Ôki

    Kameo Ôki Producer

  12. Photo of Masaru Satô

    Masaru Satô Music

  13. Photo of Kôji Ichihara

    Kôji Ichihara Cinematography

  14. Photo of Sachiko Yamaji

    Sachiko Yamaji Editing

  15. Photo of Kazuo Takenaka

    Kazuo Takenaka Production Design