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  1. Photo of Fred Teixeira

    Fred Teixeira Screenplay

  2. Photo of Diego Tresca

    Diego Tresca Cast

  3. Photo of Eli Amaro

    Eli Amaro Cast

  4. Photo of Tavinho Teixeira

    Tavinho Teixeira Cast, Director, Screenplay, and Producer

  5. Photo of Mariah Teixeira

    Mariah Teixeira Cast

  6. Photo of Ely Cabral

    Ely Cabral Cast

  7. Photo of Érica Rocha

    Érica Rocha Cinematography

  8. Photo of Rogério Che

    Rogério Che Cinematography

  9. Photo of Ana Barbara Ramos

    Ana Barbara Ramos Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Caluca Teixeira

    Caluca Teixeira Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Camila Battistetti

    Camila Battistetti Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Lula Teixeira

    Lula Teixeira Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Ely Marques

    Ely Marques Editing

  14. Photo of Frederico Benevides

    Frederico Benevides Editing

  15. Photo of Juliana Munhoz

    Juliana Munhoz Editing

  16. Photo of Danilo Carvalho

    Danilo Carvalho Editing and Sound