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  1. Photo of Rainer Erler

    Rainer Erler Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Frederick C. Davis

    Frederick C. Davis Novel

  3. Photo of Eva Pflug

    Eva Pflug Cast

  4. Photo of Hellmut Lange

    Hellmut Lange Cast

  5. Photo of Edith Schultze-Westrum

    Edith Schultze-Westrum Cast

  6. Photo of Friedrich Joloff

    Friedrich Joloff Cast

  7. Photo of Marion Lindt

    Marion Lindt Cast

  8. Photo of Ursula Herwig

    Ursula Herwig Cast

  9. Photo of Horst Niendorf

    Horst Niendorf Cast

  10. Photo of Klaus Löwitsch

    Klaus Löwitsch Cast

  11. Photo of Bum Krüger

    Bum Krüger Cast

  12. Photo of Alexis von Hagemeister

    Alexis von Hagemeister Cast

  13. Photo of Lorley Katz

    Lorley Katz Cast

  14. Photo of Ernst Ronnecker

    Ernst Ronnecker Cast

  15. Photo of Sigfrit Steiner

    Sigfrit Steiner Cast

  16. Photo of Adolf Ziegler

    Adolf Ziegler Cast

  17. Photo of Wolfgang Völz

    Wolfgang Völz Cast

  18. Photo of Werner Kurz

    Werner Kurz Cinematography

  19. Photo of Eugen Thomass

    Eugen Thomass Music

  20. Photo of Helmut Gassner

    Helmut Gassner Production Design

  21. Photo of Oliver Storz

    Oliver Storz Producer

  22. Photo of Hannes Nikel

    Hannes Nikel Editing

  23. Photo of Walter Rühland

    Walter Rühland Sound

  24. Photo of Ilse Dubois

    Ilse Dubois Costume Design