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  1. Photo of Jacques Tati

    Jacques Tati Director, Screenplay, Cast, Producer

  2. Photo of Henri Marquet

    Henri Marquet Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nathalie Pascaud

    Nathalie Pascaud Cast

  4. Photo of Micheline Rolla

    Micheline Rolla Cast

  5. Photo of Valentine Camax

    Valentine Camax Cast

  6. Photo of Louis Perrault

    Louis Perrault Cast

  7. Photo of Fred Orain

    Fred Orain Producer

  8. Photo of Jacques Mercanton

    Jacques Mercanton Cinematography

  9. Photo of Jean Mousselle

    Jean Mousselle Cinematography

  10. Photo of Suzanne Baron

    Suzanne Baron Editing

  11. Photo of Charles Bretoneiche

    Charles Bretoneiche Editing

  12. Photo of Jacques Grassi

    Jacques Grassi Editing

  13. Photo of Pierre Aubert

    Pierre Aubert Screenplay

  14. Photo of Jacques Lagrange

    Jacques Lagrange Screenplay

  15. Photo of Alain Romans

    Alain Romans Music

  16. Photo of Henri Schmitt

    Henri Schmitt Production Design

  17. Photo of Roger Cosson

    Roger Cosson Sound

  18. Photo of André Dubois

    André Dubois Cast

  19. Photo of Suzy Willy

    Suzy Willy Cast

  20. Photo of Lucien Frégis

    Lucien Frégis Cast

  21. Photo of Raymond Carl

    Raymond Carl Cast