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  1. virginwolf's rating of the film The Student

    If they didn't try to nail the point (literally) and lost the vision sequences this would've been a 5 star film. But one can realize why these sequences are there specially cause Serebrennikov did a theatre play before this and some of the actors replayed their role. The God's point of view is perfectly used and the one take handheld shots feel like a perfectly choreographed dance sequence.Watch it then talk about it

  2. Iulia Nov's rating of the film The Student

  3. ceknklsn's rating of the film The Student

    81/100 (Ana fikir olarak hayatım boyunca izlediğim en cesur ve en eleştirel filmdi. Kesinlikle Işid belasını gördükten sonra bu filmin yapıldığına eminim. Başta dini öven bir film sanıp küfür etsem de çocuğun söylediği her ayetteki vahim sözcükler ve üstte hangi ayet olduğunu yazması gördüğüm en sert ironilerden biriydi. Mesaj çok net ; Kutsal kitapları harfiyen uygularsanız başroldeki çocuk gibi olursunuz !)

  4. caddie's rating of the film The Student

    [3.5] A story about how religious dedication can lead to blindness and hatred instead of leading to a moral life. Another example of how simple it is to slip into extremity, ignoring any other perspective to life, except one's own. Personally, the execution is not to my ultimate taste, as the acting is too theatrical, but altogether a nice work.

  5. tenebrae's rating of the film The Student

    at the end... that was amazing! that feeling is very similar to the one i had while reading Amerika by Franz Kafka (that moment when protagonist was accused of thievery, if i remember it right).

  6. Eli K's rating of the film The Student

    One of the greatest films I've ever seen. Shows all the "black holes" in the bible that believers can't or..maybe just don't want to see?

  7. Dries's rating of the film The Student

    Al di là di tutto una domanda mi preme : ma porcamadonna, perchè le scuole in italia non sono così ??? xD

  8. boughtabride's rating of the film The Student

    can't explain why i loved this movie so much. really great framing and staging. awesome editing and if i was russian i'm sure i'd laugh more. there was something so great and dense about this satire--and also sinister. a great watch..

  9. CafeGradiva's rating of the film The Student

    3,3 / substantial, powerful, disturbing

  10. Bogdan Theodor Olteanu's rating of the film The Student

    Competent acting and a couple of beautiful shots. But a fail overall. Doesn't live up to its source material - a brilliant play by Marius Von Mayenburg.

  11. Alex's rating of the film The Student

  12. Loud Rocks's rating of the film The Student

  13. Conn Tubacu's rating of the film The Student

    worst movie i ve seen in a while. basic, very basic.

  14. unearthly_red's rating of the film The Student

    a frustrating experience that mostly resonated with me due to me being Russian and the movie being very political. also it's very noticeable that this used to be a play.

  15. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film The Student

    A satire evenly observant and nerve-wracking

  16. Adam Whybray's rating of the film The Student

    A schematic and over-determined script made what should have been intellectually invigorating naff. I suspect it was slightly more effective as a play. Interesting enough to think about as a specifically Russian film - certainly it could only have been made in a post-Communist country and I think if I were Russian it might have resonated with me more directly. Hopefully not unfair to say it was Dostoevsky-lite.

  17. bambamske's rating of the film The Student

    theatre ≠ cinema an author doesn't confide a border between them. modern theatre under the editorship of the edit.

  18. Corriel's rating of the film The Student

    A very well made film (great direction and good acting), tackling a sensitive subject in a great manner.

  19. Jason's rating of the film The Student

    No complaints regarding what I will concede is in general commendable camerawork and mise-en-scène. However, the screenplay is utter garbage and it is delivered in such an unremittingly shrill manner that I found myself growing increasingly irritable. When I left the theatre I was perplexed at how completely pissed off I was at existence itself. I am shocked by how much I hated this experience.