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  1. ceknklsn's rating of the film M

    55/100 (Bu kadar mantık hatası kaynayan bir film uzun süredir izlememiştim. Tamamen filmin önüne geçiyor. Evet oyunculuklar berbattı, görüntü yönetimi rezaletti, kurgu hiç yok gibiydi. Yine de bunlara yılına saygıdan susuyorum. Ancak mantığı es geçenler neyin kafasındalar. Son 10 dakikada filmin anlamı olmasa 35-40'tan fazla vermeyecektim. O yüzden insanların verdiği puanlar tamamen çılgınlık. Devamı yorumumda...)

  2. MisterColo93's rating of the film M

  3. THE APOLL0's rating of the film M

  4. Ralphesque's rating of the film M

  5. Walker's rating of the film M

  6. Poena Damni's rating of the film M

    A timeless masterpiece! Fritz Lang demonstrates such masterful, unique use of the medium never seen before or after in world cinema - grandiose!

  7. josé luis rangel's rating of the film M

    probably, the first film to fully use all the ressources of the medium.

  8. Ghostman's rating of the film M

    'M' is a masterpiece of the highest order. Here, the personal is political and Lang's portrays a Germany leaving behind a law abiding society in exchange for what would be soon clearly defined as fascism only two years after the film's release. 'M' is a film that laments a society deserting its citizens, emerging into an eerily prescient work of art that's also timeless in its insights. One for the ages.

  9. 상빈 윤's rating of the film M

  10. Matthew Almont's rating of the film M

    The M stands for Masterpiece.

  11. Hup-lá's rating of the film M

    El caos moral de la justicia, el crimen, la ciudad. Un asesinato en serie no es más que una pequeña parte de la ruina de una sociedad que, precisamente, no puede controlarse, no tiene escapatoria: el único camino es la tragedia. Un pesimismo desolador amparado por la brillante dirección de Lang. El uso de los objetos como presencias que están en la realidad y por ende participan de ella; el espacio, a su vez, de...

  12. gaporama's rating of the film M

  13. VivianDarkbloom's rating of the film M

    This is one of the masterpieces that left me speechless. Ahead of its time, had me on the edge of my (bed, I watched it in my bed, ok) all the time. This movie made “Zodiac” looks like Sesame Street. SHOOK.

  14. Aulia Indry's rating of the film M

    M for Misterious. M for Murder. M for Magnificent

  15. João R.'s rating of the film M

    The beginning and the ending stand out. The story wanders and lacks tension. The social attack, the strongest aspect, falls flat: it critics how society easily accuses those inept of defense. From this, erupts a monstrous principle that leads to kangaroo courts, displaying those people as villains. Isn't this being complicit in the crime judged? Justice is illogical if anyone will bend it to their aim.

  16. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film M

    A masterpiece of cinema that deliver a strong believable story (inspired on true events) blended with unique imagery and gripping editing. Peter Lorre has never been more disgusting, sleazy and pathetic as a child killer.

  17. DenoResandono's rating of the film M

    One of the great movie from Germany. It is considered as a masterpiece from director Fritz Lang. M is really changing a face of world cinema. This movie invented some unique techniques and a different kind storytelling. Although, this movie is the first "talkie" for Mr. Lang, in this movie - he looks like a pro. Just look at how he created a suspense without showing the real murder. He knew how to amaze the audiences

  18. Arcanus's rating of the film M

    A great film. I love all the cigarette smoke in every scene.

  19. Jaka Permadi's rating of the film M

  20. SpacePirate's rating of the film M

    A very early prototype noir, in a way. You will see very familiar plot devices at work here, but Lang still has a touch that makes them seem new again. Lorre steals the show at the end with a career defining performance. A great early 30s talkie, showing Lang was capable of making the jump from silent to sound masterfully. 5 easy stars. Essential.

  21. Ben Nash's rating of the film M

    For a man who'd never worked with sound before, Lang is a natural.

  22. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film M

    Substituting expressionism for gritty realism, Lang & co. simultaneously predict the grammar of the modern procedural, the film noir & the entire serial killer sub-genre. Placing the emphasis on the community & finding disquieting political parallels in scenes of mob justice, irrationality & civil unrest, the film's slow crawl from docudrama towards a kind of heightened theatre of the absurd is endlessly compelling.

  23. .Diana.'s rating of the film M

  24. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film M

    Peter Lorre’s performance is one for the history books, as the first sympathetic (or at least, complex) child killer in cinema. Fritz Lang did not waste any of his talent on his first talkie.

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