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  1. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Ma mère

    This is a pretentious bore of a film with unformed and repugnant characters, a directionless plot, and frank (but un-enlightening) depictions of sexual depravity. I should be more angered by it; but, there's such a large number of films almost exactly like it, I was more annoyed by its predictability than shocked by its content. I only give it more than one star because of Huppert's committed performance.

  2. Allison Rung's rating of the film Ma mère

  3. David R Williams's rating of the film Ma mère

    Isabelle Huppert. Despite some comments, neither erotic nor pornographic tho certainly explicit. Irrelevant hedonists going through the motions. Holding on to a fantasy of being edgy and young. Thinking they are corrupting an already corrupted youth. Slant called this a "psychosexual farce". You should hate these people and after this, you do.

  4. elizabeth l・'s rating of the film Ma mère

  5. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Ma mère

    Immoral people doing immoral things. Now you don't have to watch the movie.

  6. Paul Davidson's rating of the film Ma mère

    Sick and meritless. Would rather stare at a picture of Huppert for 2 hrs.

  7. Michael Diers's rating of the film Ma mère

    Beginnt in den ersten 30 Minuten wie ein verworrenes Familien-Melodram, entwickelt sich dann aber in ein spannendes und bewegendes Drama um sexuelle Abhängigkeiten, Dominanz und ungewöhnliche Lebensmodelle. Sehenswert!

  8. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Ma mère

    Plays the notes but not the music. Truthfully, if the names Bataille and Huppert weren't on the bill, would anyone care?

  9. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Ma mère

    (1/2 star) Soft core porn trash bordering on incest. Not truly a film, per se.... Just horseshit for fetishists. Moving on...

  10. Paul Narvaez's rating of the film Ma mère

    Oh God...this is an embarrassing film. When I wasn't dosing off from boredom I found myself either trying to decide whether this was parody or rationalizing why Huppert would participate in such a stupid, pretentious, poorly scripted movie.

  11. Peli Cula's rating of the film Ma mère

    Harter Stoff Deprimierender Plot mit sehr guten schauspielerischen Leistungen. Sollte man gesehen haben.

  12. Myriam Raja's rating of the film Ma mère

    The plot is decrepit, the characters are hollow and horny and nothing much happens. The ending managed to elicit a small reaction from me but that's about it.

  13. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Ma mère

    A dark and erotic look at taboo breaking and what can happen in a span of time dedicated to selfish hedonism that can make someone very much a slave to some constantly growing desires (for the next thrill, the more sordid encounter, a pinch of pain with all that pleasure). Good, brave, performances help create a few astonishing moments, leading to a rather fitting, memorable, final scene.

  14. Jeremy's rating of the film Ma mère

    110 minutes I'll never get back again

  15. moniquekidman's rating of the film Ma mère

    Huppert, as always, explodes off the screen and is obviously willing to go as far as she can, but her character is too much of an open book from the outset that it is ultimately a flat portrayal of unbridled sexuality. Really this film is just tepid provocation with a bland visual style.

  16. Rimoun's rating of the film Ma mère

  17. chazell's rating of the film Ma mère

  18. Eva Bosch's rating of the film Ma mère

    pornographic crap in French...

  19. Cherry's rating of the film Ma mère

  20. Mar ~'s rating of the film Ma mère

    I could see no deep in this movie I didnt like the characters I found them annoying,,I percived a forced victimization, thats all really.

  21. ant's rating of the film Ma mère

    I liked it when I first saw it as a horny 19-year-old but I don't know what I would think about it now

  22. Joao Francisco Pinho's rating of the film Ma mère

    Uma história que passa à volta de uma mãe maluca e aventureira e um filho mimado sem objectivos na vida...uau.

  23. elenagallen's rating of the film Ma mère

  24. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Ma mère

    Film sauvage et sexuel. Une claque dans la gueule comme le furent La Grande Bouffle, Dernier Tango à Paris ou l'Empire des Sens. HUPPERT - en Messaline assumée mais en perdition - foudroie son rejeton (GARREL) de sa hauteur vertigineuse & vacillante. ===== Wild & sexy. A slap in the face as were Last Tango in Paris or the Empire of the Senses. A sinking Messaline dominates her son of her flickering & dizzying height.

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