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  1. Photo of Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin Cast

  2. Photo of Mabel Normand

    Mabel Normand Cast and Director

  3. Photo of Harry McCoy

    Harry McCoy Cast

  4. Photo of Chester Conklin

    Chester Conklin Cast

  5. Photo of Mack Sennett

    Mack Sennett Cast, Director Producer

  6. Photo of Dave Anderson

    Dave Anderson Cast

  7. Photo of Joe Bordeaux

    Joe Bordeaux Cast

  8. Photo of Mack Swain

    Mack Swain Cast

  9. Photo of William Hauber

    William Hauber Cast

  10. Photo of Dan Albert

    Dan Albert Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Avery

    Charles Avery Cast

  12. Photo of Charley Chase

    Charley Chase Cast

  13. Photo of Alice Davenport

    Alice Davenport Cast

  14. Photo of Minta Durfee

    Minta Durfee Cast

  15. Photo of Edgar Kennedy

    Edgar Kennedy Cast

  16. Photo of Charles Lakin

    Charles Lakin Cast

  17. Photo of Grover Ligon

    Grover Ligon Cast

  18. Photo of Fred Mace

    Fred Mace Cast

  19. Photo of Edward Nolan

    Edward Nolan Cast

  20. Photo of Fred Wagner

    Fred Wagner Cast

  21. Photo of Frank D. Williams

    Frank D. Williams Cinematography