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  1. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Maborosi

    7.3/10, my review:

  2. Des Horne's rating of the film Maborosi

    Such an unusual and surprising debut. The way narrative time functions is really quite unstable throughout much of the film; the audience bears witness to the grief process of the protagonist as she endures a haze of confusing and devastating memories.

  3. Arisu's rating of the film Maborosi

    what a beautiful contemplative cinema

  4. Viginti_tres's rating of the film Maborosi

    Kore-Eda is a magic realist of sorts: his utterances of the everyday can cast an entrancing spell, but its a precarious one, porcelain, apt to shatter and reform multiple times across a movie. In those moments, it is transportive, but outside of them I felt kept outside the characters.

  5. FISCHER's rating of the film Maborosi

    Etonnant et séduisant !

  6. Kelley Dong's rating of the film Maborosi

    love the light coming into dark rooms, sometimes people turn away, sometimes they turn to face it and eventually walk outside

  7. Anastasija Mass's rating of the film Maborosi

    Crazy beautiful, quiet, serene and all that >>> and the story is there... then the quietness steps to the front so much that it fails to be sort of humble and be the carrier of the pain of the main character. The film is packed with gems though and it did Japan my soul.

  8. jonijtr's rating of the film Maborosi

    A melancholic yet devastating film, that shown in the most beautiful, poetic way

  9. NCMBianchi's rating of the film Maborosi

    [More like 4.5] Although some scenes might be a bit too long – yet bound to picture's message – the movie itself is outstanding: Kore-Eda used cinematography and music to create the perfect atmosphere to tell the story of how people can be lost in their thoughts regarding the human condition, and how such thoughts aren't always to be avoided. It's an excellent mixture of 80s elements and social traits of Japan.

  10. Kevin Costner's rating of the film Maborosi

    One of the most underrated japanese film & one of the most beautiful film ever. Absolutely heartbreaking film...

  11. CinemaHouse Productions's rating of the film Maborosi

    A story about the inability of a single woman, let alone mother, to express her guilt and melancholia for losing the people she had once loved. Extremely adept at immediately creating a tone of quiet sorrow. A magic realist intake with themes like the "will o’ the wisps" and psychological escapism through naturalism and the Japanese countryside. A beautiful piece of art. Hirokazu Kore-eda is Yasujiro Ozu's legacy.

  12. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Maborosi

    Nothing else I've seen by this director is anywhere near as good.

  13. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Maborosi

    nobody knows the sea better than she does

  14. narcekirdegi's rating of the film Maborosi

    personally, i didnt identify myself with the main character but the film is purely takes you to its world. especially music is georgeus. worths watching

  15. Lthm2's rating of the film Maborosi

    Slowest movie I've ever seen but never forgot it.

  16. chewari's rating of the film Maborosi

    it is not easy to leave the things in the past. There always are questions from our past and we can not find answers every time. It is good to see little children in this movies . They show the happy side of life.

  17. James Devereaux's rating of the film Maborosi

    Astonishing masterpiece. Minimal, poetic, beautiful, and remarkable in the way it expresses itself. Sensational central performance by Makiko Esumi.

  18. Robert W Peabody III's rating of the film Maborosi

    Maborosi No Hıkari (1995) Hirokazu Kore-Eda In the opening scene an elderly woman crossing a bridge, pulls away from the future, on her way towards eternity. The visuals and words flow together and play off each other, like notes in a melody. I kept thinking while I was watching, I want to see this again someday.

  19. Chris B's rating of the film Maborosi

    A simple, quiet, atmospheric, understated portrait of loss. In the hands of a lesser director, we would have likely been subjected to sad music and manipulation. Kore-eda resorts to none of this and still makes a powerful statement.

  20. Tasha's rating of the film Maborosi

    Doinel hit the nail on the head.

  21. Pál's rating of the film Maborosi

    Superbly balanced movie! Even the music is a perfect fit for this tempered style. I could also appreciate that the ending doesn't offer any real explanation or comfort.

  22. Victoria L.'s rating of the film Maborosi

    Need we resort to an aswer as to why Japanese cinema is a choice to be made, that's it : Take any idea you what. In this case, loss. The sense of it won't be printed on your ears after minutes of screaming or whining. No. All you get is a view to a sea, an empty, neat room and silence. It's all atmosphere. It's about the absence of exaggeration. It's the thing itself.

  23. Verimage's rating of the film Maborosi

    How on earth can MUBI leave Makiko Esumi out of the cast list? And it is not the first time seeing such a blunder. They better introduce some report function to the site ...

  24. David Grillo's rating of the film Maborosi

    You can describe life as you can describe death, you were once there, you are now gone. Life and death are the same truth it is the living who experience death. The tragedy of death is irremovable.

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