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  1. Photo of Augusto Salvador

    Augusto Salvador Director

  2. Photo of Tony Mortel

    Tony Mortel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fernando Poe Jr.

    Fernando Poe Jr. Cast and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vic Vargas

    Vic Vargas Cast

  5. Photo of Subas Herrero

    Subas Herrero Cast

  6. Photo of Paquito Diaz

    Paquito Diaz Cast

  7. Photo of Marianne de la Riva

    Marianne de la Riva Cast

  8. Photo of Imelda Ilanan

    Imelda Ilanan Cast

  9. Photo of Charlie Davao

    Charlie Davao Cast

  10. Photo of Ali Sotto

    Ali Sotto Cast

  11. Photo of Dencio Padilla

    Dencio Padilla Cast