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  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Macabre

    The uninteresting, half-hour buildup is unwarranted since the audience should know how the horror begins. While the exposition of the similar Frontier(s) is energetic, and '74's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre built up mood, atmosphere. and characterization, much better than Macabre, of which, has too many potential victims to properly build character depth. Also, the directing duo didn't fine-tune their style yet.

  2. Tabikenezer von Higglesbloom's rating of the film Macabre

    I hardly ever get annoyed at slasher cliches or think characters are unbearably annoying or stupid but this had it all and more!

  3. DenoResandono's rating of the film Macabre

    I must say that - Dara's voice or performance so robotic. I mean, look at her when she began to kill someone. She looked like T-1000 or T-X from Terminator franchise. Doesn't mean it is bad. It scared me, actually. Although he had a small screen time, I never forget how ridiculous Aming was in this movie...

  4. HKFanatic's rating of the film Macabre

    Viewing the Mo Brothers films in reverse order proves artistically disappointing in the sense that their first feature, "Macabre," remains far and away their best - and what a debut it is! This blood-soaked horror tale is as gruesome as they come, and while the film owes much to the Tobe Hooper and Sam Raimi playbooks, the proceedings are delivered with the rollercoaster intensity of "The Raid" series.

  5. lizzycomebacktolife's rating of the film Macabre

    1) Awful editing/lacking in continuity between scenes 2) What's with Dara's fake deep voice? it's hella annoying. 21 Jul 2016

  6. pluviosity's rating of the film Macabre

    watching it in a theater, my friend hated me because I can't keep giggling or holding my laughter in EVERY scenes of the movie. I can't see a story, really, just failure scene-reenactment attempts probably of every lame horror movie ever made.

  7. Melyxoune's rating of the film Macabre

    easily one of THE finest Indonesian horror. style nya dapet banget, the shots were also wonderfully done, it was to be frank a little too gory but who cares, it was sooooooooo good oh and also, "ENAK KAAAAAN"

  8. LUCKYINTAN's rating of the film Macabre

  9. emichan's rating of the film Macabre

  10. Fırat Ataç's rating of the film Macabre

    Bad acting, bad directing and insignificant gore. Waste of time.

  11. Vinson Gabato's rating of the film Macabre

    Cliched but holy fucking shit, it gets straight its point, a bloody and messy slasher film. It goes to the point where no one walk properly because of all the blood, which almost none of the other modern day slasher films are able to do.

  12. Algitya's rating of the film Macabre

  13. Riar R.'s rating of the film Macabre

    Whatever the snobbish murmured about 'cliche way' 'the standart of horror formula' etc, i still grounded myself to this flick and never be profaned. Its a full set of 80's supremacy and American Grindhouse all the way!

  14. Adham T. Fusama's rating of the film Macabre

    My younger sister love it! LOL

  15. pinkertoy's rating of the film Macabre

  16. homer harianja's rating of the film Macabre

    who needs art film? herschell gordon lewis would be proud.

  17. Bayuyab's rating of the film Macabre

    superb performance by shareefa danish!

  18. Aditya I.P.'s rating of the film Macabre

    i'm not against full-fledged violence, but at least make it tasty and built up. 1 star.

  19. Aryo Harjantianto's rating of the film Macabre

    breakthrough debut from the mo brothers,although this movie have too much influence/similiarity to 'Inside'..

  20. Kevin Chandra's rating of the film Macabre

    di Cast kok ga ada Shareeva Daanish yah? padahal she's the good thing in here.

  21. Issey Miyaki's rating of the film Macabre

    gak ada yang istimewa di film ini, cuma jual adegan pembantaian dengan cerita yang sangat klise, Jelangkung sedikit lebih baik.

  22. Erdiawan's rating of the film Macabre

    I'm indonesian too. I love the character Dara. I love the way she appears like a real indonesian woman.

  23. Nuansa's rating of the film Macabre

    i second diena. we're speaking of Indonesia here, and for the standard of movies in our country, this is quite a breaktrough.

  24. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film Macabre

    The point of gory films is they don't have one. I love the genre, and I think It's the first decent gory film I've ever watched from my country.