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  1. Photo of Clemens Klopfenstein

    Clemens Klopfenstein Director, Screenplay Cinematography

  2. Photo of Wolfram Groddeck

    Wolfram Groddeck Screenplay

  3. Photo of Felix Tissi

    Felix Tissi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Max Rüdlinger

    Max Rüdlinger Cast

  5. Photo of Christine Lauterburg

    Christine Lauterburg Cast

  6. Photo of Hans-Dieter Jendreyko

    Hans-Dieter Jendreyko Cast

  7. Photo of Hans Rudolf Twerenbold

    Hans Rudolf Twerenbold Cast

  8. Photo of Paul Spahn

    Paul Spahn Cast

  9. Photo of Greti Isler

    Greti Isler Cast

  10. Photo of Joseph Wäfler

    Joseph Wäfler Cast

  11. Photo of Res Margot

    Res Margot Cast

  12. Photo of Tin Hong Che

    Tin Hong Che Cast

  13. Photo of Sio Heng Ieong

    Sio Heng Ieong Cast

  14. Photo of Dieter Fahrer

    Dieter Fahrer Producer

  15. Photo of Fee Liechti

    Fee Liechti Editing