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  1. Photo of Luigi Romano Borgnetto

    Luigi Romano Borgnetto Director

  2. Photo of Vincenzo Denizot

    Vincenzo Denizot Director

  3. Photo of Agnes Fletcher Bain

    Agnes Fletcher Bain Screenplay

  4. Photo of Giovanni Pastrone

    Giovanni Pastrone Screenplay

  5. Photo of Bartolomeo Pagano

    Bartolomeo Pagano Cast

  6. Photo of Arline Costello

    Arline Costello Cast

  7. Photo of Ada Marangoni

    Ada Marangoni Cast

  8. Photo of Louise Farnsworth

    Louise Farnsworth Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Ormand

    Robert Ormand Cast

  10. Photo of Leone Papa

    Leone Papa Cast

  11. Photo of Amelia Chellini

    Amelia Chellini Cast

  12. Photo of Didaco Chellini

    Didaco Chellini Cast

  13. Photo of Clementina Gay

    Clementina Gay Cast