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  1. Trinankur Banerjee's rating of the film Mad Detective

    The supernatural in crime drama is a unique Asian element, reminding that the detective is never a Cartesian individual like the western narratives suggest. To is a proven master, a masterful yet familiar screenplay with powerful performances all round, a real treat!

  2. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Mad Detective

  3. Nick Potter's rating of the film Mad Detective

    There are more aspects of this film than those that don't, and you've got a winning formula when you also add in the originality and just plain fascinating premise. The way things are "solved" is cheap, but I suppose I'll allow it this time.

  4. mpho3's rating of the film Mad Detective

    "An off-the-wall cascade of pleasurable but conflicting elements that work only because they are unified by To's elegant style. Praise should also go to Lau...[who] flawlessly embraces the absurdities and the severity of the script, crafting one of the most unique characters in modern film in a performance that would be worth repeat viewings even if everything around him was mediocre." - Jake Cole, Not Just Movies.

  5. Randolph Handel's rating of the film Mad Detective

    The effective use of perspective and what I assume is an intentional vintage cinematography along with the surreal yet naturalistic mis-en-scene creates a genre-bending film that also packs a cynical commentary on bureaucracy.

  6. Fab S's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Entertaining, mad, stylish. Great entertainment

  7. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Often hilarious and always entertaining, To's surreal detective story is as cockeyed as Bun's images of multiple personalities competing for space or his handing of his right ear to a retiring police chief. But as strange as Bun is as a mad detective, the story seems displaced and secondary to the madness. A plot as jumbled as Bun's brain doesn't add up but watch it for Bun's antics and To's camera work.

  8. Marina's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Brilliantly imaginative! How do you combine violence and humanism, madness and romance? I cant imagine a better cinematographic example of combining all of those attributes.

  9. M****'s rating of the film Mad Detective

  10. Aaron Lubitsky's rating of the film Mad Detective

    This movie started out great and caught my attention with its very strange and very enjoyable sense of humor and tone, helped by its very conservative use of music, especially during action scenes. This helped certain scenes keep its awkwardly humorous tone. I did start to lose interest somewhat toward the end, but it was worth it, however, as the ending was definitely worth it.

  11. Miels Clifton's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Mad Detective is a weird and complex take on the detective genre. At first glance, it feels almost like a joke or some sort of parody, but once we get to know Detective Bun things begin to fall into place. Inundated with twists and turns at nearly every transition, we're strung along for an insane ride that remains in motion til it's maddening conclusion. A sensational film that's satisfying and is interesting.

  12. KHcordero's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Very original detective film, the protagonist is what really makes this film stand out. The way that his abilities are shown on screen are very inventive. My gripe with “Mad Detective” also comes from his protagonist as I would’ve liked to see more development. The crime case is interesting enough to entertain someone through it’s runtime, and the twists keep it fresh and interesting.

  13. lindsey.matchell's rating of the film Mad Detective

    This movie was so good! It was so complex and had so many twists that once I started I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen. The plot line was a bit hard to follow at the end but overall it was amazing. Detective Bun and the rest of the characters were so intriguing and the acting was incredible.

  14. Ralph Rizzuto's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Mad Detective had me on the edge of my seat through its entirety. The unique plot and amazing visuals made this film a treat to watch. Bun's character was particularly compelling in his back-and-forth between insanity and genius. While enjoyable, I did find Bun's portrayal to be a bit extravagant at times, which did somewhat detract from my understanding of the plot. Overall a great film, however.

  15. Ryan Kwong's rating of the film Mad Detective

    An unbalanced soft sci-fi crime thriller about a detective who can see things others can’t that doesn’t know what to do with its metaphysical metaphors nor want to define its main character’s Sherlockian deductions. It has an interesting hook and that nice Cheng Siu Keung one tone aesthetic but is otherwise another high concept gone wrong. Also, the Cantonese dubbing felt very unnatural. (No pun intended)

  16. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Different perceptions are visually handled in this movie sublimely well in some highly stylized shots, especially in the final scenes. The bursts of oddball comedy throughout, namely in the recreation and dinner scenes, are notable too. Still, the detective angle isn't as engaging and more exhilaration should be felt in its twists. It could have also had more cool n' trippy action scenes, of which, To is known for.

  17. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Directors should learn that the more you get stylish, the less spectators feel sympathetic with characters.

  18. Hannah Förster's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Endlich mal wieder ein Knaller, geniale Story - großartige Regie und außerorgewöhnliche Schauspielerleistung der Protagonisten....

  19. Dr. Q's rating of the film Mad Detective

    I rember this to be quite entertaining

  20. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Mad Detective

  21. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Yet another indifferent crime story from Hong Kong. I'm sure I'll forget this movie in couple of days.

  22. Pius Strassmann's rating of the film Mad Detective

    ich habe diesen film nicht verstanden, fand ihn aber sehr poetisch und voller filmisch herausragend gut gelöster ideen.

  23. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Mad Detective

    Found the mix between supernatural and action a bit "out there", i mean a mentally ill detective is not someone you want on case. Again Johnnie To and his Milkway Image company comes up with another original character.

  24. el.'s rating of the film Mad Detective

    the way this film developed and ended made me appreciate it much more than at first expected. the game of personas belonging to the wonderfully complex jungian theory of the psyche makes it a very interesting and quite provocative presentation of adjusting the masks and playing the right part when needed. i am very pleased to see that being used in such a way making this more than just a good cop-bad cop thing.

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