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  1. Photo of Yevgeni Bauer

    Yevgeni Bauer Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ivan Turgenev

    Ivan Turgenev Screenplay

  3. Photo of V. Demert

    V. Demert Screenplay

  4. Photo of Zoya Barantsevich

    Zoya Barantsevich Screenplay

  5. Photo of Vera Karalli

    Vera Karalli Cast

  6. Photo of Aleksandr Kheruvimov

    Aleksandr Kheruvimov Cast

  7. Photo of Vitold Polonsky

    Vitold Polonsky Cast

  8. Photo of Andrej Gromov

    Andrej Gromov Cast

  9. Photo of Ivane Perestiani

    Ivane Perestiani Cast

  10. Photo of Aleksandr Khanzhonkov

    Aleksandr Khanzhonkov Producer