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  1. Victória Célia's rating of the film Madame Bovary

  2. Sơn Phước's rating of the film Madame Bovary

    Came here because Huppert and Chabrol but I don't expect that this movie is so boring and sleepy :(

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Madame Bovary

    On savait Chabrol en manque d'inspiration, voire à bout de souffle, cette adaptation inutile et tristement académique ne fait que confirmer ces bien pénibles certitudes...

  4. Rafael Zen's rating of the film Madame Bovary

    Chabrol's Bovary begins with sensorial scenes that travel through time: but quite doesn't keep up with this achievement: it gets lost as the story progresses. Still a heart-filled play by Hupert - as always she is stunning. At the end, Bovary is always a fine story to watch and this adaptation does enough with it.

  5. William R Clark's rating of the film Madame Bovary

    Is it ironic to expect fidelity from a film adaptation of Madame Bovary? In any case there's no more faithful adaptation. Chabrol is showing off his close reading skills. He attempted following camera directions from Gustave himself (until it didn't work) . Huppert makes surprising choices, but comes off as too withdrawn. It captures the coldness of the source, but none of the warmth. Bonus points for the gross-out.

  6. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Madame Bovary

    4.5 One of my favorite films by this director. Huppert is the whole film. This is the best version of Madame Bovary I have seen. Huppert gives it her all. I read in an interview that her mother died during the production of this film. Her emotions are (as always) so real, but it gives you an interacting fact to think about as you watch this beautifully made film.

  7.'s rating of the film Madame Bovary

    19th century extra-marital affairs, Chabrol style, an ideal choice to adapt Flaubert's novel it seems. Evocative period setting complete with costuming. There is a growing sense of inescapable urgency throughout, building towards the inevitable but Huppert's closed cinematic personality may, for once, be preventative rather than a plus point.

  8. nowhere_fast's rating of the film Madame Bovary

    the romance is really perfect. the role is well directed, yet quite boring, but well done.