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  1. Photo of Lucky Kuswandi

    Lucky Kuswandi Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Agasyah Karim

    Agasyah Karim Screenplay

  3. Photo of Khalid Kashogi

    Khalid Kashogi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nia Dinata

    Nia Dinata Producer

  5. Photo of Bembi Gusti

    Bembi Gusti Music

  6. Photo of Aghi Narottama

    Aghi Narottama Music

  7. Photo of Gascaro Ramondo

    Gascaro Ramondo Music

  8. Photo of Robin Moran

    Robin Moran Editing

  9. Photo of Eros Eflin

    Eros Eflin Production Design

  10. Photo of Khikmawan Santosa

    Khikmawan Santosa Sound

  11. Photo of Aming Sugandhi

    Aming Sugandhi Cast

  12. Photo of Marcell Siahaan

    Marcell Siahaan Cast

  13. Photo of Shanty

    Shanty Cast

  14. Photo of Titi Dwijayati

    Titi Dwijayati Cast

  15. Photo of Sarah Sechan

    Sarah Sechan Cast

  16. Photo of Vincent Ryan Rompies

    Vincent Ryan Rompies Cast

  17. Photo of Fitri Tropica

    Fitri Tropica Cast

  18. Photo of Joko Anwar

    Joko Anwar Cast

  19. Photo of Ria Irawan

    Ria Irawan Cast

  20. Photo of Robby Tumewu

    Robby Tumewu Cast

  21. Photo of Saira Jihan

    Saira Jihan Cast

  22. Photo of Ikhsan Himawan

    Ikhsan Himawan Cast