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  1. syderkan's rating of the film Made in Europe

  2. narcekirdegi's rating of the film Made in Europe

    as a realist film, it can be considered as 3,5 stars but it is not a documentary. i simply couldnt have find emotion. just like ice. this is not the taste of "the seventh art". the stories are broken, havent refined enough, interrupted. temelkuran is just enjoying his surname in turkey. thats all.

  3. dolores ibarruri's rating of the film Made in Europe

    Compared with Temelkuran's subsequent-and, I think would be the masterpiece- film, Bornova Bornova, this film remains rather weaker. But I should say that it's still a worth-watcing movie.

  4. Joshuah's rating of the film Made in Europe

    switching between Turkish and Spanish? I feel like the first thirty minutes was made specifically for me! Some interesting scenes (the walk home at the end of the Madrid sequence for instance), yet exhausting dialogue and characters I couldn't care less about. Fatih Akin does this better.