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  1. Photo of Roberto Mauri

    Roberto Mauri Director

  2. Photo of Maurizio Vandelli

    Maurizio Vandelli Music

  3. Photo of Carlo Carlini

    Carlo Carlini Cinematography

  4. Photo of Adriano Tagliavia

    Adriano Tagliavia Editing

  5. Photo of Ennio Michettoni

    Ennio Michettoni Production Design

  6. Photo of Goffredo Salvatori

    Goffredo Salvatori Sound

  7. Photo of Camille Keaton

    Camille Keaton Cast

  8. Photo of Riccardo Salvino

    Riccardo Salvino Cast

  9. Photo of Paola Senatore

    Paola Senatore Cast

  10. Photo of Silvano Tranquilli

    Silvano Tranquilli Cast

  11. Photo of Pier Maria Rossi

    Pier Maria Rossi Cast

  12. Photo of Gualtiero Rispoli

    Gualtiero Rispoli Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Teresa Piaggio

    Maria Teresa Piaggio Cast

  14. Photo of Mario Donatone

    Mario Donatone Cast

  15. Photo of Raimondo Toscano

    Raimondo Toscano Cast

  16. Photo of Alfonso Sarlo

    Alfonso Sarlo Cast