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  1. Andrew Lang's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    A phenomenal level of craft in the cinematography and blocking of this film. The camera never moves. Instead, characters move in and out of Richardson's 2:35 aspect frame, in which he explores the boundaries with thrilling virtuosity, often placing characters right on the edges. The story doesn't quite add up, but there were enough inexplicable moments to keep me hooked

  2. Celeste Parcell's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    I saw this many years ago and loved it. Not all the sadistic stuff but the independence of Jeanne Moreau and her own path in life, even if it was not pleasant. I thought about it for a long time trying to find meaning in some of her actions. Bandaids on her breasts? Gloves to hide her prints? Burning down houses? Spending days in the forest making love with a handsome, sexy man, yet turning him in as a rapist? Why?

  3. rllr's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    A new film has crept into my top 20 list of favorite films of all time. How it looks, the way its acted (I went to sleep mumbling Jeanne Moreau is the best actress of all time), the way the story develops, the characters depicted, the doomed dynamics between man and woman and how conversations are kept to a bare minimum. Even more so: the things said are ALWAYS half-truths, wishes, projections or lies.

  4. Aardsy's rating of the film Mademoiselle

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  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    Rarement l'atmosphère torride et lourdement sexualisée de certains brûlants écrits de Jean Genet n'aura été aussi justement appréhendée par le cinématographe et sa problématique représentation, avec en prime une sublime Jeanne Moreau dans un extraordinaire rôle de garce ! Une oeuvre qui suinte d'une rageuse sensualité existentielle aux confins des ultimes dérèglements dionysiaques et panthéistes

  7. Christopher McQuain's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    ****1/2 A re-watch in memoriam of a grande dame of the cinema, departed today.

  8. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    The things you do for love, that is if you happen to be an angel of CHAOS. I was just glad there was no slut shaming. "I know I got nothin' on you \ I know there's nothing to do \ When times go bad \ And you can't get enough \ Won't you lay me down in the tall grass \ And let me do my stuff"

  9. Severus Snape's rating of the film Mademoiselle

  10. Cosi's rating of the film Mademoiselle

  11. Skygazer's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    Here's my dignity on a silver plate, I bow down before you for a taste of your skin.

  12. C's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    Like Diary of a Chambermaid, a movie I felt so sickened by and was so uncomfortable and emotionally fucked up watching even though I was like in a lot of ways, there, with Moreau for most of it. Who wouldn't burn down a barn for love? (But! Not there for the animal poisoning and [spoilers] :( Lots of animal/child cruelty in this, and the egg crushing scene...I'm going to throw up).

  13. itstheresomewhere's rating of the film Mademoiselle

  14. Joel's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    This film is full of the Cinematography that I long for, each time I start a film I hope to see images as beautiful as contained in this nightmarish work. Is there a blu-ray? Can I make one?

  15. Peđa's rating of the film Mademoiselle

  16. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    Through the lens of French wave you can see what at the very end is a nasty tale from a 50s sex flick from the US. But wait, the director is English, and indeed I'm very confused. Confused, but happy I've seen such an amazing, intense piece of art.

  17. jimmymarkum's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    Forbidden Dreams, or The Other Side of Dreams. That's the translated title of the short story Jean Genet wrote as a wedding present to his friend Anouk Aimee in 1951. That story was the source for Marguerite Duras' screenplay for the amazingly shot, beautiful film called Mademoisellle. A 'terribly' beautiful film ****1/2

  18. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    An gorgeously shot unsettling pastoral landscape drama that riffs on the amorality that flows in our sexual impulses! Jesus, Jeanne Moreau is a bad bitch! And yet, I couldn't help feel empathy for her sexual repression. Actually, for any character living that village. Not an easy movie to stomach but it does contain some of the most starling images I have ever seen! Definitely a new favorite!

  19. fakebook (Tom)'s rating of the film Mademoiselle

    Incredible: great story, script, acting, superb montage, amazing cinematography... and Jeanne Moreau. (Also: a great use of a snake as metaphor.) Those extended scenes in the woods (in the darkness, in the rain, in the fields) were some of the best things I've ever seen on the screen.

  20. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    One of my all time favorite films. Could be my favorite.

  21. Catarina C Gomes's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    Genet actually wrote the short story, Marguerite Duras wrote the script.

  22. milkfloat's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    This is nice, because Jeanne Moreau is so graceful and creepy.

  23. Matthew's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    Alright, so I loved this film. Some impressive visuals, including one truly amazing scene (the shadow scene, for those who know). My only problem was with the absolutely disgusting amount of animal cruelty. Tony Richardson must've been a man with no regard for other creatures. Other than that, thumbs up

  24. alice_the_goon's rating of the film Mademoiselle

    A cinematographically stunning film, rendered in gorgeously contrasting black and white. And top that off it has what may be Jeanne Moreau's finest performance as a deranged elementary school teacher. Perfection!