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  1. Photo of Dino Risi

    Dino Risi Director

  2. Photo of Mario Tobino

    Mario Tobino Screenplay

  3. Photo of Furio Scarpelli

    Furio Scarpelli Screenplay

  4. Photo of Agenore Incrocci

    Agenore Incrocci Screenplay

  5. Photo of Coluche

    Coluche Cast

  6. Photo of Beppe Grillo

    Beppe Grillo Cast

  7. Photo of Bernard Blier

    Bernard Blier Cast

  8. Photo of Fabio Testi

    Fabio Testi Cast

  9. Photo of Claudio Bisio

    Claudio Bisio Cast

  10. Photo of Gianni Franco

    Gianni Franco Cast

  11. Photo of Franco Diogene

    Franco Diogene Cast

  12. Photo of Sandro Ghiani

    Sandro Ghiani Cast

  13. Photo of Guido Nicheli

    Guido Nicheli Cast

  14. Photo of Tiziana Altieri

    Tiziana Altieri Cast

  15. Photo of Geoffrey Copleston

    Geoffrey Copleston Cast

  16. Photo of Nicola Morelli

    Nicola Morelli Cast

  17. Photo of Antonella di Marco

    Antonella di Marco Cast

  18. Photo of Alessandra Vazzoler

    Alessandra Vazzoler Cast

  19. Photo of Giorgio Di Battista

    Giorgio Di Battista Cinematography

  20. Photo of Guido De Angelis

    Guido De Angelis Music

  21. Photo of Maurizio De Angelis

    Maurizio De Angelis Music

  22. Photo of Giuseppe Mangano

    Giuseppe Mangano Production Design

  23. Photo of Pio Angeletti

    Pio Angeletti Producer

  24. Photo of Claude Berri

    Claude Berri Producer

  25. Photo of Adriano De Micheli

    Adriano De Micheli Producer

  26. Photo of Christian Spillemaecker

    Christian Spillemaecker Producer

  27. Photo of Ahmed Ramsay

    Ahmed Ramsay Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Alberto Gallitti

    Alberto Gallitti Editing

  29. Photo of Arlette Langmann

    Arlette Langmann Editing