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  1. Photo of Bethel Buckalew

    Bethel Buckalew Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of George Barris

    George Barris Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Irwin Schaeffer

    Irwin Schaeffer Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Colleen Meeker

    Colleen Meeker Producer

  5. Photo of John D. McNally

    John D. McNally Screenplay

  6. Photo of William E. Hines

    William E. Hines Cinematography

  7. Photo of John Laughlin

    John Laughlin Cast

  8. Photo of Shelly Horner

    Shelly Horner Cast

  9. Photo of Phoebe Schmidt

    Phoebe Schmidt Cast

  10. Photo of Verkina Flower

    Verkina Flower Cast

  11. Photo of Steven Rose

    Steven Rose Cast

  12. Photo of Frederick Schmidt

    Frederick Schmidt Cast

  13. Photo of Craig Horrall

    Craig Horrall Cast

  14. Photo of Nancy Herr

    Nancy Herr Cast

  15. Photo of Chip Garamella

    Chip Garamella Editing

  16. Photo of Bill Schereck

    Bill Schereck Music

  17. Photo of Ladd McPartland

    Ladd McPartland Sound

  18. Photo of Karen Buckalew

    Karen Buckalew Costume Design