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  1. Photo of Pupi Avati

    Pupi Avati Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Luigi Diberti

    Luigi Diberti Cast

  3. Photo of Arnaldo Ninchi

    Arnaldo Ninchi Cast

  4. Photo of Massimo Bellinzoni

    Massimo Bellinzoni Cast

  5. Photo of Dalia Lahav

    Dalia Lahav Cast

  6. Photo of Eleonora Alessandrelli

    Eleonora Alessandrelli Cast

  7. Photo of Lorella Morlotti

    Lorella Morlotti Cast

  8. Photo of Massimo Sarchielli

    Massimo Sarchielli Cast

  9. Photo of Brizio Montinaro

    Brizio Montinaro Cast

  10. Photo of Marcello Cesena

    Marcello Cesena Cast

  11. Photo of Consuelo Ferrara

    Consuelo Ferrara Cast

  12. Photo of David Celli

    David Celli Cast

  13. Photo of Vincenzo Crocitti

    Vincenzo Crocitti Cast

  14. Photo of Mario Patanè

    Mario Patanè Cast

  15. Photo of Andrea Scorzoni

    Andrea Scorzoni Cast

  16. Photo of Sofia Spada

    Sofia Spada Cast

  17. Photo of Cesare Bastelli

    Cesare Bastelli Cinematography

  18. Photo of Riz Ortolani

    Riz Ortolani Music

  19. Photo of Giuseppe Pirrotta

    Giuseppe Pirrotta Production Design

  20. Photo of Amedeo Salfa

    Amedeo Salfa Editing