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  1. Photo of Paul Thomas Anderson

    Paul Thomas Anderson Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of JoAnne Sellar

    JoAnne Sellar Producer

  3. Photo of Robert Elswit

    Robert Elswit Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jason Robards

    Jason Robards Cast

  5. Photo of Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise Cast

  6. Photo of William H. Macy

    William H. Macy Cast

  7. Photo of John C. Reilly

    John C. Reilly Cast

  8. Photo of Melora Walters

    Melora Walters Cast

  9. Photo of Philip Baker Hall

    Philip Baker Hall Cast

  10. Photo of Jeremy Blackman

    Jeremy Blackman Cast

  11. Photo of Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore Cast

  12. Photo of Philip Seymour Hoffman

    Philip Seymour Hoffman Cast

  13. Photo of Ricky Jay

    Ricky Jay Cast

  14. Photo of Melinda Dillon

    Melinda Dillon Cast

  15. Photo of April Grace

    April Grace Cast

  16. Photo of Emmanuel Johnson

    Emmanuel Johnson Cast

  17. Photo of Felicity Huffman

    Felicity Huffman Cast

  18. Photo of Dylan Tichenor

    Dylan Tichenor Editing

  19. Photo of William Arnold

    William Arnold Production Design

  20. Photo of Mark Bridges

    Mark Bridges Production Design

  21. Photo of Richard King

    Richard King Sound

  22. Photo of Jon Brion

    Jon Brion Music

  23. Photo of Alfred Molina

    Alfred Molina Cast

  24. Photo of Michael Bowen

    Michael Bowen Cast

  25. Photo of Henry Gibson

    Henry Gibson Cast

  26. Photo of Eileen Ryan

    Eileen Ryan Cast

  27. Photo of Orlando Jones

    Orlando Jones Cast

  28. Photo of Michael Murphy

    Michael Murphy Cast

  29. Photo of Luis Guzmán

    Luis Guzmán Cast

  30. Photo of Cleo King

    Cleo King Cast

  31. Photo of Pat Healy

    Pat Healy Cast

  32. Photo of Bobby Brewer

    Bobby Brewer Cast

  33. Photo of Natalie Marston

    Natalie Marston Cast

  34. Photo of Patricia Forte

    Patricia Forte Cast

  35. Photo of Patrick Warren

    Patrick Warren Cast

  36. Photo of Thomas Jane

    Thomas Jane Cast

  37. Photo of Aimee Mann

    Aimee Mann Music

  38. Photo of Robert Downey Sr.

    Robert Downey Sr. Cast

  39. Photo of Patton Oswalt

    Patton Oswalt Cast

  40. Photo of Mary Lynn Rajskub

    Mary Lynn Rajskub Cast

  41. Photo of Miriam Margolyes

    Miriam Margolyes Cast

  42. Photo of Don McManus

    Don McManus Cast

  43. Photo of Craig Kvinsland

    Craig Kvinsland Cast