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  1. Kortirion's rating of the film Mahjong

    Yang's scathing black-comedy is at once a critique of capitalistic neo-colonialism, a metaphorical analysis in which each character is representative of something more, a meditation on struggles to escape the fates we cannot but accept and a sincere romance in a world of cheap, instant gratification and social whoring. 'Mahjong' meticulously reveals its brilliance via multiple layers of complexity and finesse.

  2. waywardwaters's rating of the film Mahjong

    The darker half of Yang’s comedic duology discloses an especially caustic satire of Westernized capitalism. Using structural irony together with affinity for wit and metaphor, Taipei is the colonial centre for a disenchanted humanity, a bipolarity of veracity and fakery while fixed in continual absurdity. ‘Majiang’ facilitates opposing pairs in fortune and the radical inevitability of karma.

  3. Roberto Carlos's rating of the film Mahjong

    Between the awkward humor and the questionable casting decisions, Yang's formal and compositional mastery occasionally shines through in this odd misfire.

  4. M Klein's rating of the film Mahjong

    The young hoodlums of Brighter Summer's Day 25 years on, and it's not a pretty sight. Contemporary Taiwan also comes in for a kicking. But for some there is, mercifully, a tiny bit of light at the end of this particular tunnel. I like Yang's work as much for its imperfections as for what he gets so right.

  5. Jorge Negrete's rating of the film Mahjong

  6. suddenmoves's rating of the film Mahjong

    Certainly the worst of Yang's films I've seen, mostly let down by some less-than-stellar acting from the English speaking parts of the cast, but his sense of cinematic rhythm and human understanding is still unparalleled.

  7. InsertOzuReferencehere's rating of the film Mahjong

  8. Simon So's rating of the film Mahjong

    世上最浪漫算這種 - 在浪漫這個詞的最高意義而言 - 能夠訴諸言語的道就不是純粹的道 (道可道, 非常道)