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  1. Photo of Viktor Tregubovich

    Viktor Tregubovich Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Kirill Lavrov

    Kirill Lavrov Cast

  3. Photo of Vsevolod Kuznetsov

    Vsevolod Kuznetsov Cast

  4. Photo of Marina Tregubovich

    Marina Tregubovich Cast

  5. Photo of Pavel Semenikhin

    Pavel Semenikhin Cast

  6. Photo of Lyudmila Gurchenko

    Lyudmila Gurchenko Cast

  7. Photo of Vladimir Gostyukhin

    Vladimir Gostyukhin Cast

  8. Photo of Ivan Agafonov

    Ivan Agafonov Cast

  9. Photo of Igor Dmitriev

    Igor Dmitriev Cast

  10. Photo of Sergei Prokhanov

    Sergei Prokhanov Cast

  11. Photo of Mikhail Pogorzhelsky

    Mikhail Pogorzhelsky Cast

  12. Photo of Boris Sokolov

    Boris Sokolov Cast

  13. Photo of Yuriy Demich

    Yuriy Demich Cast

  14. Photo of Vladimir Menshov

    Vladimir Menshov Cast

  15. Photo of Fyodor Odinokov

    Fyodor Odinokov Cast

  16. Photo of Eduard Rozovsky

    Eduard Rozovsky Cinematography

  17. Photo of Aleksey Rybnikov

    Aleksey Rybnikov Music

  18. Photo of Aleksei Rudyakov

    Aleksei Rudyakov Production Design

  19. Photo of Margarita Shadrina

    Margarita Shadrina Editing

  20. Photo of Natalya Levitina

    Natalya Levitina Sound