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Ratings & Reviews

  1. cemre's rating of the film Majority

    weak storytelling but a successful photograph of the conservative family structure and oppressive father-son relationship, masculinity, and youth in Turkey. highly critical about the Turkish politics going on since 2002 including Kurdish Question and the rise of economy based on construction industry. 3.5/5

  2. Onur Burak Yıldırım's rating of the film Majority

    I didnt get anything at all in the first half but it's getting better&better by the time. Pretty unusual subject

  3. Elif's rating of the film Majority

    never seen something so ugly

  4. bmelis's rating of the film Majority

  5. narcekirdegi's rating of the film Majority

    this is the film which shows the truth of turkey. became a kinda term for me; r u from the "çoğunluk" or minority? ice cold analysis. very snappy arguments.

  6. sheila's rating of the film Majority

    a film for minority, not for the ones who worship power, money & the dominant values of patriarchal Turkish society. tough critisicm against discrimination of all kind. a very realistic must see!

  7. Levent Güçer's rating of the film Majority

  8. Ecpln's rating of the film Majority

    There ara a lot of Mertkan,there are a lat of his dominant dictator father figure and there are a lot of poor women behind that type of mens,and so that majority is high percentage of our turkish public. Even then it is interested by low percentage of people of us in cinema,just 100.000 people watched this movie ,but 6.500.000 watch one of stupid comedies or fascist stuffes

  9. asleep's rating of the film Majority

    I'm so used to seeing people like Mertkan and the others. But still it is shocking to see this dark story stripped bare of all the fake positivism. In front of us we see a society is rotting from deep inside. What is there to do? Nothing, as the film shows. At least I wish some of us realize that they have to change, to stop this indifference. And I wish there was an answer to people who know how to love like Gül.

  10. vordven's rating of the film Majority