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  1. eric gould's rating of the film Mala Noche

    They say that the first time is always the best, and that's definitely true for Gus Van Sant's cinematic feature film debut. His gritty adaptation of Walt Curtis's semi-autobiographical novel "Mala Noche" captures the nicotine-stained edges and rain-soaked pavement of Portland's Skidmore / Old Town with an unlikely amor fou between a grocery clerk and the young Latino freight-hopping drfiters new to town. Excellent.

  2. Arisa's rating of the film Mala Noche

    The main guy is obnoxious. No, I take that back; he's pathetic. Though I suppose it's understandable. That Johnny kid was pretty cute.

  3. EastyBoy's rating of the film Mala Noche

    Really good first film from Gus Van Sant, I loved the black and white cinematography.

  4. davandwar's rating of the film Mala Noche

    I think what I didn't like about this film was the acting. I usually enjoy Gus Van Sant and, agreeing with the below comment, it is interesting to see this film compared with those from later in his career.

  5. Jim W's rating of the film Mala Noche

    This would be a really good film if the acting wasn't so bad. But it is interesting to see how terribly Van Sant directed the actors in this movie and how he was able to pull brilliant performances out of non-actor casts in his recent Elephant and Paranoid Park.

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