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  1. Photo of Roger Cardinal

    Roger Cardinal Director

  2. Photo of Avrum Jacobson

    Avrum Jacobson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Victor Malarek

    Victor Malarek Novel

  4. Photo of Elias Koteas

    Elias Koteas Cast

  5. Photo of Kerrie Keane

    Kerrie Keane Cast

  6. Photo of Al Waxman

    Al Waxman Cast

  7. Photo of Kahil Karn

    Kahil Karn Cast

  8. Photo of Daniel Pilon

    Daniel Pilon Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Sarrazin

    Michael Sarrazin Cast

  10. Photo of Ross Hull

    Ross Hull Cast

  11. Photo of Bruce Ramsay

    Bruce Ramsay Cast

  12. Photo of Claire Rodger

    Claire Rodger Cast

  13. Photo of Brian Dooley

    Brian Dooley Cast

  14. Photo of Vittorio Rossi

    Vittorio Rossi Cast

  15. Photo of Karol Ike

    Karol Ike Cinematography

  16. Photo of Alexandre Stanke

    Alexandre Stanke Music

  17. Photo of Claude Paré

    Claude Paré Production Design

  18. Photo of Jamie Brown

    Jamie Brown Producer

  19. Photo of Robin Spry

    Robin Spry Producer

  20. Photo of Yves Langlois

    Yves Langlois Editing