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  1. Photo of Niki List

    Niki List Director, Cast, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Andreas Vitásek

    Andreas Vitásek Cast

  3. Photo of Wolfgang Kopper

    Wolfgang Kopper Cast

  4. Photo of Leopold Schreiner

    Leopold Schreiner Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Gruber

    Peter Gruber Cast

  6. Photo of Evelyn Karner

    Evelyn Karner Cast

  7. Photo of Maresi Bartl

    Maresi Bartl Cast

  8. Photo of Geli Brechelmacher

    Geli Brechelmacher Cast

  9. Photo of Bernhard Grabmayr

    Bernhard Grabmayr Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Krychl

    Peter Krychl Cast

  11. Photo of Ruth Linshalm

    Ruth Linshalm Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Schreiner

    Peter Schreiner Cinematography and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Minisex

    Minisex Music

  14. Photo of Karl Gott

    Karl Gott Music

  15. Photo of Gelbe Zone

    Gelbe Zone Music

  16. Photo of Rosachrom

    Rosachrom Music

  17. Photo of Ernste Jugend

    Ernste Jugend Music

  18. Photo of Viele Bunte Autos

    Viele Bunte Autos Music

  19. Photo of Martina List

    Martina List Costume Design