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  1. Photo of Brian Desmond Hurst

    Brian Desmond Hurst Director

  2. Photo of Nigel Balchin

    Nigel Balchin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Thorold Dickinson

    Thorold Dickinson Screenplay

  4. Photo of William Fairchild

    William Fairchild Screenplay

  5. Photo of Hugh P. Lloyd

    Hugh P. Lloyd Screenplay

  6. Photo of Alec Guinness

    Alec Guinness Cast

  7. Photo of Jack Hawkins

    Jack Hawkins Cast

  8. Photo of Anthony Steel

    Anthony Steel Cast

  9. Photo of Muriel Pavlow

    Muriel Pavlow Cast

  10. Photo of Renée Asherson

    Renée Asherson Cast

  11. Photo of Hugh Burden

    Hugh Burden Cast

  12. Photo of Nigel Stock

    Nigel Stock Cast

  13. Photo of Reginald Tate

    Reginald Tate Cast

  14. Photo of Ralph Truman

    Ralph Truman Cast

  15. Photo of Flora Robson

    Flora Robson Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Krasker

    Robert Krasker Cinematography

  17. Photo of William Alwyn

    William Alwyn Music

  18. Photo of John Howell

    John Howell Production Design

  19. Photo of Peter De Sarigny

    Peter De Sarigny Producer and Screenplay

  20. Photo of Earl St. John

    Earl St. John Executive Producer