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  1. Photo of Marie-Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle

    Marie-Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Lise-Lotte Nilsson

    Lise-Lotte Nilsson Cast

  3. Photo of Krister Henriksson

    Krister Henriksson Cast

  4. Photo of Isabella Kollman

    Isabella Kollman Cast

  5. Photo of Margaretha Krook

    Margaretha Krook Cast

  6. Photo of Britt Edwall

    Britt Edwall Cast

  7. Photo of Rolf Skoglund

    Rolf Skoglund Cast

  8. Photo of Annikka Nuora

    Annikka Nuora Cast

  9. Photo of Ulla-Britt Norrman-Olsson

    Ulla-Britt Norrman-Olsson Cast

  10. Photo of Lars Dejert

    Lars Dejert Cast

  11. Photo of Lisbeth Zachrisson

    Lisbeth Zachrisson Cast

  12. Photo of Eva Starnell

    Eva Starnell Cast

  13. Photo of Kristina Elander

    Kristina Elander Cast and Costume Design

  14. Photo of Åke Pallarp

    Åke Pallarp Cast

  15. Photo of Pi Eriksson

    Pi Eriksson Cast

  16. Photo of Håkan Alexandersson

    Håkan Alexandersson Cinematography

  17. Photo of Thomas Roger

    Thomas Roger Cinematography

  18. Photo of Carl Johan De Geer

    Carl Johan De Geer Production Design and Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Sonesson

    Paul Sonesson Production Design

  20. Photo of Lisbet Gabrielsson

    Lisbet Gabrielsson Producer

  21. Photo of Lars Lennart Forsberg

    Lars Lennart Forsberg Editing

  22. Photo of Ulf Darin

    Ulf Darin Sound

  23. Photo of Klas Engström

    Klas Engström Sound