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  1. Jakob von Gunten's rating of the film Mammoth

    Netter Versuch über Wohlstandsdepressionen und Armutszwänge, interessante Protagonisten. Der Film verzettelt sich aber in Stereotypen. Alte europäische Säcke missbrauchen asiatische Kinder und gutausehende 30 iger verbringen romantische Tage mit asiatischen Prostituierten. Die pretty woman story hat mir den Rest gegeben, einen solchen Blödsinn mag ich nicht ansehen.

  2. bastos's rating of the film Mammoth

    intense but smooth view on what really matters in life

  3. Patxe's rating of the film Mammoth

    El enfoque no es muy original y no cuenta nada nuevo, pero la interpretación de MichelleWilliams es increíble.

  4. Rui Oliveira's rating of the film Mammoth

    Good 'mosaic' drama. Very simple story, but realist. Beautiful cinematography. Good performances.

  5. DrFirestone's rating of the film Mammoth

    Interesting topic, good cast and acting, parallels, great soundtrack. I actually did not mind there wasn't any big "bang", or an event suggested in the description, and felt it was more natural this way. However, the characters are a bit shallow in my opinion. This film tackles serious issues like globalisation, poverty etc, it does it very superficially though.

  6. Animalia's rating of the film Mammoth

    Pretentious and annoying

  7. Penelope q's rating of the film Mammoth

    Is is a good but superficial portrait of globalisation. What I find most interesting about the film is the depiction of the working mother; diferent society, difernt cultures but same struggle.

  8. Superfrog's rating of the film Mammoth

    I wish I could give it more... I like the image, I like the concept, I like the attempted critique but the characters are just to shallow, the parallels too easy and the emotional clues too even....

  9. Laura Hitchman's rating of the film Mammoth

  10. REBA M's rating of the film Mammoth

    I can't tell if this was really good or really bad?

  11. Real_Stephanie's rating of the film Mammoth

    Although the integrity with which Mammoth engages with pressing issues such as globalisation, capitalism and sex tourism is of course to be admired, a predictable unraveling of events and a fairly superficial insight into the concerns raised means that the film, sadly, fails to deliver the punches it so clearly wants to.

  12. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Mammoth

  13. craigw's rating of the film Mammoth

  14. Jasper Hamlet's rating of the film Mammoth

    Pretty medium. Talk about spelling it out. Not very subtle. Great apartment though...

  15. PFL's rating of the film Mammoth

    'Mammoth' is a well-intentioned yet rather bland film. Whilst it is ambitious in its multiple-story structure it fails to reach the heights of films such as Inarritu's 'Babel' (with which it has superficial similarities). That said, the occasional nice touch makes this a watchable piece of work.

  16. raggiodisole's rating of the film Mammoth

    Spent most of the film dreading the upcoming bad event, and the sinking feeling was hard to bear. Didn't have the depth I would have liked, and the emotions of the characters did not match the circumstances they found themselves in

  17. Natty's rating of the film Mammoth

    I had a break in between this. Came back to it, wish I hadn't. Really disliked the Leo character and moneywise - why does Ellen still work?? (though Williams acting stood out)? . Pretty much hated this film and that Grandmother.

  18.'s rating of the film Mammoth

    Watched 10 mins and thought it stank.

  19. Erika Jane's rating of the film Mammoth

    Globalisation eh. Thoroughly grim but pretty well done.

  20. boynuno's rating of the film Mammoth

    Good movie with great insights of the world. If you lived abroad - especially in South East Asia, this would definitely revive some memoirs. I believe some were expecting some "bang" as part of the story.. but that´s just not the purpose of the film. Life is mostly composed of small nuances ending on bigger/deeper result.

  21. Adri's rating of the film Mammoth

  22. Emilycx's rating of the film Mammoth

    Wow- really beautiful film which takes you by surprise- by the end I felt connected to every character.

  23. riraru's rating of the film Mammoth

    Ein sehr dichter, kluger Film; lebensnah und aufwühlend. Toller Ladytron/Cat Power-Soundtrack. Vom Regisseur kenne ich sonst nur "Lilja-4-ever" - ebenfalls großartig.

  24. paula's rating of the film Mammoth

    watched it twice in a row