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  1. João Martins's rating of the film Man at Bath

    Some good artsy-fartsy sequences but most of film too much random scenes, apart from the slightly explored Emmanuel reality - which is difficult to separate from François Sagat 'persona' as a gay porn star. The scene where he wants to send a telegram but he realizes that it doesn’t exist anymore looked as stupid as hilarious.

  2. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Man at Bath

    AKA 500 Dicks Of Summer. With plenty of male nudity and sex on display, this tale of a gay man struggling to move on after being given his marching orders by a recent lover manages to stand out from 101 different films that have already shown this many times from a heterosexual viewpoint. Not for everyone, due to the frank and adult nature of many scenes, but it's a pretty decent film of this type.

  3.'s rating of the film Man at Bath

    Unfinished is the word for this movie. In many ways it just feels like an idea that Honoré didnt know how to materialize.

  4. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Man at Bath

    Good effort, original approach, fluid and the right length.

  5. moniquekidman's rating of the film Man at Bath

    The ugly, jittery New York sequences actually possess a certain visual life and verve, despite being dull in content. And they are better than the rest of the film, which drably and meaninglessly attempts to provide some sympathy for and understanding of Francois Sagat's horrible rapist character. Sagat's dance-cleaning near the beginning is charming though.

  6. cabecassis's rating of the film Man at Bath

    je n'aime hélas pas les histoires d'amour ou de non amour ...

  7. Victor LVD's rating of the film Man at Bath

    C'est pas mal quand même, je vous trouve tous très dur ! Tout y est, les sentiments mêlés, la folie solitaire, l'improbable fantaisie sensible de l'homme fort, LA Femme, l'amant, les amants, la fuite, le manque, les regrets... Et une grande liberté d'oser en plus des bases d'un cinema pertinent. Non il faut voir ce film ...

  8. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Man at Bath

    note 0.5/5 j'ai regardé ce film avec ennui pendant 20 minutes et l'ai zapper.

  9. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Man at Bath

    HONORE dépeint l'homosexualité sans prosélytisme à l'inverse de GUIRAUDIE ou DOLAN. Les rapports amoureux sont naturels, d'un bord ou un autre, les sentiments, le désir n'ont pas de frontière. Far from gay films clichés, this is a voyage in the gay world, how guys function, have sex, feelings, look at each other, their promiscuous behavior, violence at times. A masculine essence, a naturalistic vision of men together

  10. charlotte suq's rating of the film Man at Bath crois que tout ce qui m'a touché c'est tout ce qu'Honoré n'a pas essayé de bien faire ou du faire tout court. grand frère de la génération fauve≠... y'a des fessées qui se perdent

  11. Simon Bradbury's rating of the film Man at Bath

    Gritty insight into a French Zeitgeist. I'd be happy to see more from this auteur.

  12. Aurélien Pinet's rating of the film Man at Bath

    Du cul, des stock shots et des HLM filmés au camescope, manque plus qu'Honoré à quatre pattes nu avec le type mastoc à l'action et j'aurais été ravi. Encore une belle bouse pseudo artistique, merci Mubi !

  13. Pymo's rating of the film Man at Bath

    Smooth as your skin.

  14. AnAppleScruff's rating of the film Man at Bath

    One of the worst films that I have seen since Ma Mère.

  15. Joseph Pellegrino's rating of the film Man at Bath

    Not a perfect film from Christophe Honoré, but an interesting document of these very messy characters' lives. Gay porn star Francois Sagat delivers a strong performance as a hustler who breaks up with his boyfriend. The scenes in NY distract from the meat of the material, the humanizing of Sagat's persona, but director Honoré's more improvisational style lets the material find its own way which is rewarding.

  16. eric gould's rating of the film Man at Bath

    Screened at this year's Seattle International Film Festival (2011) with lead actor François Sagat in attendance to promote the film, Christophe Honoré's meandering and aimless love story is essentially a parody of Sagat's on-screen adult career as a gay sex icon. The film's cocktail napkin sketch of a gay couple's falling out features the uber-muscular Sagat having bored sex with chain-smoking skinny French lads.

  17. Guido Fierlbeck's rating of the film Man at Bath

  18. kopfkompass's rating of the film Man at Bath

    Verstörend. Nicht nur, weil jeder Dialog in Sex gipfelt und in keiner einzigen Szene genug Garderobe für alle Darsteller aufzutreiben war. Außerdem stirbt bei jeder Aufführung irgendwo ein talentierter Kameramann.

  19. oldeuboi's rating of the film Man at Bath

    Rather confusing than artsy. Perhaps I need a second viewing.