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  1. Photo of Eliseo Subiela

    Eliseo Subiela Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lujan Pflaum

    Lujan Pflaum Producer

  3. Photo of Pedro Aznar

    Pedro Aznar Music

  4. Photo of Ricardo DeAngelis

    Ricardo DeAngelis Cinematography

  5. Photo of Luis César D'Angiolillo

    Luis César D'Angiolillo Editing

  6. Photo of Marta Albertinazzi

    Marta Albertinazzi Production Design

  7. Photo of Lorenzo Quinteros

    Lorenzo Quinteros Cast

  8. Photo of Hugo Soto

    Hugo Soto Cast

  9. Photo of Ines Vernengo

    Ines Vernengo Cast

  10. Photo of Cristina Scaramuzza

    Cristina Scaramuzza Cast

  11. Photo of Tomas Voth

    Tomas Voth Cast

  12. Photo of David Edery

    David Edery Cast

  13. Photo of Rúbens Correa

    Rúbens Correa Cast

  14. Photo of Rodolfo Rodas

    Rodolfo Rodas Cast

  15. Photo of Horacio Marassi

    Horacio Marassi Cast

  16. Photo of Jean Pierre Reguerraz

    Jean Pierre Reguerraz Cast

  17. Photo of Rodolfo Elsegood

    Rodolfo Elsegood Cast

  18. Photo of Tito Haas

    Tito Haas Cast

  19. Photo of Andres Tiengo

    Andres Tiengo Cast