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  1. Photo of Kim Hopkins

    Kim Hopkins Director

  2. Photo of Peter Jenner

    Peter Jenner Self

  3. Photo of Billy Bragg

    Billy Bragg Self

  4. Photo of Nora Guthrie

    Nora Guthrie Self

  5. Photo of Wilco

    Wilco Self

  6. Photo of Natalie Merchant

    Natalie Merchant Self

  7. Photo of Corey Harris

    Corey Harris Self

  8. Photo of Arlo Guthrie

    Arlo Guthrie Self

  9. Photo of Sarah Vowell

    Sarah Vowell Self

  10. Photo of Woody Guthrie

    Woody Guthrie Self and Music

  11. Photo of Jeff Tweedy

    Jeff Tweedy Self

  12. Photo of John Kelleher

    John Kelleher Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Avril MacRory

    Avril MacRory Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Simon Ardizzone

    Simon Ardizzone Editing