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  1. Photo of René Múgica

    René Múgica Director

  2. Photo of Carlos Aden

    Carlos Aden Screenplay

  3. Photo of Isaac Aisemberg

    Isaac Aisemberg Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jorge Luis Borges

    Jorge Luis Borges Screenplay

  5. Photo of Joaquín Gómez Bas

    Joaquín Gómez Bas Screenplay

  6. Photo of Salvador Salias

    Salvador Salias Producer

  7. Photo of Mario Ribero Ferreira

    Mario Ribero Ferreira Music

  8. Photo of Alberto Etchebehere

    Alberto Etchebehere Cinematography

  9. Photo of Jorge Gárate

    Jorge Gárate Editing

  10. Photo of Gori Muñoz

    Gori Muñoz Production Design

  11. Photo of Mario Fezia

    Mario Fezia Sound

  12. Photo of Ricardo Argemí

    Ricardo Argemí Cast

  13. Photo of Alberto Barcel

    Alberto Barcel Cast

  14. Photo of Susana Brunetti

    Susana Brunetti Cast

  15. Photo of María Esther Buschiazzo

    María Esther Buschiazzo Cast

  16. Photo of Jacinto Herrera

    Jacinto Herrera Cast

  17. Photo of Francisco Petrone

    Francisco Petrone Cast