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  1. Photo of Andrzej Munk

    Andrzej Munk Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jerzy Stefan Stawinski

    Jerzy Stefan Stawinski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kazimierz Opaliński

    Kazimierz Opaliński Cast

  4. Photo of Zygmunt Maciejewski

    Zygmunt Maciejewski Cast

  5. Photo of Zygmunt Zintel

    Zygmunt Zintel Cast

  6. Photo of Zygmunt Listkiewicz

    Zygmunt Listkiewicz Cast

  7. Photo of Roman Klosowski

    Roman Klosowski Cast

  8. Photo of Kazimierz Fabisiak

    Kazimierz Fabisiak Cast

  9. Photo of Ludoslaw Kozlowski

    Ludoslaw Kozlowski Cast

  10. Photo of Janusz Bylczynski

    Janusz Bylczynski Cast

  11. Photo of Stanislaw Marecki

    Stanislaw Marecki Cast

  12. Photo of Józef Para

    Józef Para Cast

  13. Photo of Stanislaw Jaworski

    Stanislaw Jaworski Cast

  14. Photo of Celina Klimczakówna

    Celina Klimczakówna Cast

  15. Photo of Natalia Szymanska

    Natalia Szymanska Cast

  16. Photo of Józef Nowak

    Józef Nowak Cast

  17. Photo of Janusz Paluszkiewicz

    Janusz Paluszkiewicz Cast

  18. Photo of Romuald Kropat

    Romuald Kropat Cinematography

  19. Photo of Jerzy Wojcik

    Jerzy Wojcik Cinematography

  20. Photo of Roman Mann

    Roman Mann Production Design

  21. Photo of Jadwiga Zajicek

    Jadwiga Zajicek Editing

  22. Photo of Jozef Bartczak

    Jozef Bartczak Sound