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  1. Photo of Régis Wargnier

    Régis Wargnier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of William Boyd

    William Boyd Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michel Fessler

    Michel Fessler Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fred Fougea

    Fred Fougea Screenplay

  5. Photo of Joseph Fiennes

    Joseph Fiennes Cast

  6. Photo of Kristin Scott Thomas

    Kristin Scott Thomas Cast

  7. Photo of Iain Glen

    Iain Glen Cast

  8. Photo of Hugh Bonneville

    Hugh Bonneville Cast

  9. Photo of Lomama Boseki

    Lomama Boseki Cast

  10. Photo of Laurent Dailland

    Laurent Dailland Cinematography

  11. Photo of Patrick Doyle

    Patrick Doyle Music

  12. Photo of Maria Djurkovic

    Maria Djurkovic Production Design

  13. Photo of Farid Lahouassa

    Farid Lahouassa Producer

  14. Photo of Yann Malcor

    Yann Malcor Editing