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  1. Photo of Wiktor Grodecki

    Wiktor Grodecki Director, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of David Svec

    David Svec Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Miroslav Caslavka

    Miroslav Caslavka Cast

  4. Photo of Pavel Skripal

    Pavel Skripal Cast

  5. Photo of Kostas Zerdolaglu

    Kostas Zerdolaglu Cast

  6. Photo of Miroslav Breu

    Miroslav Breu Cast

  7. Photo of Jirí Kodes

    Jirí Kodes Cast

  8. Photo of Karel Polisenský

    Karel Polisenský Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Toth

    Richard Toth Cast

  10. Photo of Vladimír Holomek

    Vladimír Holomek Cinematography

  11. Photo of Wolfgang Hammerschmid

    Wolfgang Hammerschmid Music

  12. Photo of Miroslav Steinbach

    Miroslav Steinbach Producer

  13. Photo of Jaroslav Stanék

    Jaroslav Stanék Producer

  14. Photo of Petr Hlinovsky

    Petr Hlinovsky Producer

  15. Photo of Petr Forejt

    Petr Forejt Sound