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  1. Photo of Girish Kasaravalli

    Girish Kasaravalli Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of B. Suresh

    B. Suresh Screenplay

  3. Photo of Atul Tiwari

    Atul Tiwari Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kamal Kumar Jain

    Kamal Kumar Jain Screenplay

  5. Photo of T.G. Raghava

    T.G. Raghava Screenplay

  6. Photo of Naseeruddin Shah

    Naseeruddin Shah Cast

  7. Photo of Deepti Naval

    Deepti Naval Cast

  8. Photo of Rohini Hattangadi

    Rohini Hattangadi Cast

  9. Photo of Mico Chandru

    Mico Chandru Cast

  10. Photo of B.S. Achar

    B.S. Achar Cast

  11. Photo of B.V. Krishna

    B.V. Krishna Cast

  12. Photo of Shanta Devi

    Shanta Devi Cast

  13. Photo of S. Ramachandra

    S. Ramachandra Cinematography

  14. Photo of L. Vaidyanathan

    L. Vaidyanathan Music

  15. Photo of Srinivas Bhashyam

    Srinivas Bhashyam Production Design

  16. Photo of John Devaraj

    John Devaraj Production Design

  17. Photo of Ravi Malik

    Ravi Malik Executive Producer

  18. Photo of M.N. Swamy

    M.N. Swamy Editing

  19. Photo of R. Kannan

    R. Kannan Sound