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  1. oldeuboi's rating of the film Manhunt

    What a horrible return to gunfu for John Woo.

  2. saitosouta's rating of the film Manhunt

    Este o experiență ridicol de mișto să văd Japonia, țara mea dragă, vopsit totul în culoarea lui John Woo; Porumbei care zboară brusc, arme duble ucigînd dușmani cu stil, bromans intens și fierbinte. Dar cel mai caraghios lucru este că una dintre asasini femeiește este fiica regizorului. Ce naiba. // 突然飛んでいく鳩、クールに敵を殺す二挺拳銃、濃密で熱いブロマンス……我が愛しき故郷である日本がジョン・ウー色に染め上げられるのを見るのはとても楽しい経験だった。だけど一番面白かったのは暗殺者の一人が監督の娘だったこと。何それ。

  3. jrhmy's rating of the film Manhunt

    Paul Spangfort: "It's as if AI tried to write a movie."

  4. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film Manhunt

    This was awful, pure drivel, the dialogue is so clunky with a non sensical plot and under/ non developed characters. If this came out 25 years ago it would still be crap. Ha Ji-Won (h) though

  5. qw0aszx's rating of the film Manhunt

    Saw the Mainland China recut version... I once thought Woo can't made a worse film than The Crossing Part I... I WAS SOOOO WRONG ...but man, I haven't laugh so hard in theatre for quite a while like this, thanks for that laughably bad written dialogues in opening sequence...

  6. AdaRLD's rating of the film Manhunt

    En espérant que ce soit une parodie.

  7. Moses Lumpkin's rating of the film Manhunt

    If you like video game cut scenes, acted out by high end Chinese actors, then this Woo is for you.

  8. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Manhunt