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  1. Matthew's rating of the film Manhunter

    Overrated in the extreme. Cheesy and much dumber than the source material. Laughable soundtrack. Puzzled by the critical consensus that this is somehow a great film.

  2. /Achinkurure/'s rating of the film Manhunter

  3. Adam GR's rating of the film Manhunter

    A stylish, economical tribute to Thomas Harris' complex and sensitive world, erred by Michael Mann's bouts of machismo. Moments of saturation created visceral depth...those mirrored eyes. But the climax is ridiculously stunted (in editing and story; like Will Graham needlessly gets two cops killed because he needs to jump through a window instead of shooting his gun). Noonan and Allen play it well.

  4. Bob's rating of the film Manhunter

    Triumph of both style and substance, this dark and stylish thriller feels almost like a giallo movie, only with superior psychological aspects. Music is so superbly combined with cinematography, that it could easily fit into any Michael Mann inspired movie. William Petersen embodies a main hero that is convincingly both vulnerable and protective figure. And he could easily go against Anthony Hopkins five years later.

  5. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Manhunter

  6. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Manhunter

    Of all the movies based upon Thomas Harris' serial killer Hannibal this is the most stylish one. It is superior over it's remake "Red Dragon" and I love the use of color. "Manhunter" is the blueprint for serial killer films to me and it was one of the earliest modern films before the genre got tired. Michael Mann gave this film also some "Miami Vice" vibe that also make the film retro cool. Love it.

  7. Rocco's rating of the film Manhunter

    The 80s-ness of a piece has never felt so oppressive, which is actually the best part of this film. The overheated visuals starkly contrast with the stilted acting and the cheeseball music choices add another element to this already stiflingly stylish brew. The plot is a dud, but I can see why this has attained something nearing cult status.

  8. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Manhunter

    Maybe there is a connection between Michael Mann and Atom Egoyan!

  9. Addy K.'s rating of the film Manhunter

    Maybe Petersen's stilted acting wasn't entirely his fault. In this early 1986 thriller, Michael Mann (known to emulate Bresson) might have been fine-tuning his intellectual but visceral filmmaking style. The obsessed hero would reappear in later Mann films—but he is here superseded by Brian Cox and Tom Noonan, both in better sync with Mann-Spinotti's moody, formalist images which also redeem some very bad 80s music.

  10. Andre's rating of the film Manhunter

    A well told, gripping policier is elevated by Mann's attention to visual and aural texture, which gives this very good (if overdone) crime-horror the feel of an abstract artwork sometimes.

  11. DSPRKY's rating of the film Manhunter

    Feels like Mann hadn't quite hit his stride; the filmmaking is great but the narrative falters. If this film is truly responsible for the spate of awful crime procedurals in the past 20 years, then colour me extra unimpressed. Also, it would seem that Mann's horrible taste in music has been a constant.

  12. speedball's rating of the film Manhunter

  13. William's rating of the film Manhunter

    The scene set to "Strong As I Am" by the Prime Movers. Visual magnificence galore. Why didn't someone tell me Michael Mann was this great?

  14. Samantha Kate's rating of the film Manhunter

    Great acting and interesting cinematography marred by the occasional hokey effect and some terrible fucking music.

  15. Samuel Righi's rating of the film Manhunter

  16. FISCHER's rating of the film Manhunter

    Excellente adaptation d'un superbe thriller d'angoisse à lire absolument !

  17. Josh the Bookseller's rating of the film Manhunter

    Frontloaded with feverish imagery & Brian Cox's amazing Lektor & Farina's mustache, this one loses gravity in the second half, largely due to some musical choices too embarrassing for the time-capsule. Plus the ending's rushed--I can't see how a film so otherwise sleek could be so poorly edited during its big climactic scene. Still, Manhunter's highs match Silence of the Lamb's.

  18. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Manhunter

    Some obtrusive rock songs, but a mesmerizing, moody film. Mann's direction lingers on details, creating an atmosphere and giving all central character's dimension: Petersen subtly plays his character's inner turmoil to create a profound sense of anguish of past demons, while Noonan is a soft-spoken, lonely killer, and Cox is Hannibal sans Hopkins dark humor: more ice cold, less playful, but just as sinister.

  19. Corrado Agnello's rating of the film Manhunter

  20. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film Manhunter

  21. bryanvmh's rating of the film Manhunter

    William Peterson is a miscast disappointment as a man hunting another man to get it out of his system.

  22. Beatriz Ourique's rating of the film Manhunter

  23. Igor Opić's rating of the film Manhunter

  24. lowplacelikehome's rating of the film Manhunter

    Cringed at some of the songs that played.

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