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  1. Photo of Robert Davi

    Robert Davi Cast

  2. Photo of Robert Z'Dar

    Robert Z'Dar Cast

  3. Photo of Caitlin Dulany

    Caitlin Dulany Cast

  4. Photo of Gretchen Becker

    Gretchen Becker Cast

  5. Photo of Paul Gleason

    Paul Gleason Cast

  6. Photo of Jackie Earle Haley

    Jackie Earle Haley Cast

  7. Photo of Julius Harris

    Julius Harris Cast

  8. Photo of Grand L. Bush

    Grand L. Bush Cast

  9. Photo of Doug Savant

    Doug Savant Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Forster

    Robert Forster Cast

  11. Photo of Bobby Di Cicco

    Bobby Di Cicco Cast

  12. Photo of Frank Pesce

    Frank Pesce Cast

  13. Photo of Lou Diaz

    Lou Diaz Cast

  14. Photo of William Lustig

    William Lustig Director

  15. Photo of Larry Cohen

    Larry Cohen Screenplay

  16. Photo of W.K. Border

    W.K. Border Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Michael Leahy

    Michael Leahy Producer

  18. Photo of Joel Soisson

    Joel Soisson Producer and Cast

  19. Photo of Joel Goldsmith

    Joel Goldsmith Music

  20. Photo of Jacques Haitkin

    Jacques Haitkin Cinematography

  21. Photo of Michael Eliot

    Michael Eliot Editing

  22. Photo of David Kern

    David Kern Editing

  23. Photo of Rick Tuber

    Rick Tuber Editing

  24. Photo of Clark Hunter

    Clark Hunter Production Design

  25. Photo of Barbara Pilavin

    Barbara Pilavin Cast