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  1. Photo of Eddie Romero

    Eddie Romero Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Charito Solis

    Charito Solis Cast

  3. Photo of Ric Rodrigo

    Ric Rodrigo Cast

  4. Photo of Mario Montenegro

    Mario Montenegro Cast

  5. Photo of James Shigeta

    James Shigeta Cast

  6. Photo of Alex Nicol

    Alex Nicol Cast

  7. Photo of John Ashley

    John Ashley Cast

  8. Photo of Lauro Delgado

    Lauro Delgado Cast

  9. Photo of Oscar Roncal

    Oscar Roncal Cast

  10. Photo of Nova Villa

    Nova Villa Cast

  11. Photo of Eddie García

    Eddie García Cast

  12. Photo of Cachupoy

    Cachupoy Cast

  13. Photo of Vic Diaz

    Vic Diaz Cast

  14. Photo of Ben Perez

    Ben Perez Cast

  15. Photo of Norma Blancaflor

    Norma Blancaflor Cast

  16. Photo of Rosa Mia

    Rosa Mia Cast

  17. Photo of Rebecca Gonzales

    Rebecca Gonzales Cast

  18. Photo of Minda Morena

    Minda Morena Cast

  19. Photo of Kristina Scott

    Kristina Scott Cast

  20. Photo of Ben Rubio

    Ben Rubio Cast

  21. Photo of Pete Herazo

    Pete Herazo Cast

  22. Photo of Abelardo Cortes

    Abelardo Cortes Cast

  23. Photo of Jose Villafranca

    Jose Villafranca Cast

  24. Photo of Lourdes Yumul

    Lourdes Yumul Cast

  25. Photo of Pianing Vidal

    Pianing Vidal Cast

  26. Photo of Alex Froilan

    Alex Froilan Cast

  27. Photo of Fred Param

    Fred Param Cast

  28. Photo of Fred Santos

    Fred Santos Cast

  29. Photo of Duane Garmeson

    Duane Garmeson Cast

  30. Photo of Vic Uematsu

    Vic Uematsu Cast

  31. Photo of Jerry Pons

    Jerry Pons Cast

  32. Photo of Prospero Luna

    Prospero Luna Cast

  33. Photo of Totò

    Totò Cast

  34. Photo of Ponga

    Ponga Cast

  35. Photo of Ken Hall

    Ken Hall Cast

  36. Photo of Angel Confiado

    Angel Confiado Cast

  37. Photo of Tony Dantes

    Tony Dantes Cast

  38. Photo of Angel Casaje

    Angel Casaje Cast

  39. Photo of Amelia Amante

    Amelia Amante Cast

  40. Photo of Lailani

    Lailani Cast

  41. Photo of Nita Carmona

    Nita Carmona Cast

  42. Photo of Angelica

    Angelica Cast

  43. Photo of Willie Tomada

    Willie Tomada Cast

  44. Photo of Jimmy Evangelista

    Jimmy Evangelista Cast

  45. Photo of Tony Garcia

    Tony Garcia Cast

  46. Photo of Rudy Palma

    Rudy Palma Cast

  47. Photo of Rosauro Oracion

    Rosauro Oracion Cast

  48. Photo of Amado Cayabyab

    Amado Cayabyab Cast

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