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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Alan's rating of the film Manito

    Plays out like a shoe-string budget adaptation of some story Junot Diaz never wrote. Performances are extremely strong, especially by Franky G. Although other reviews bash the shaky camerawork, to me, it felt like a perfect companion to the Junior's explosive temper. Soundtrack did feel extraneous though. From the start, film carries an atmosphere of impending doom that culminates in, well, you will see...

  2. Adam S. Hacker's rating of the film Manito

    I won't even pretend I can relate to the lives lived in Manito, but I will say this – the system is stacked against all of us. Gritty production was of course the intent.

  3. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Manito

    Great film, harsh, the handheld verité-style did have it's stonghold on story told.

  4. BM Leland's rating of the film Manito

    The production values look terrible, as though nobody cared how the film should look like. But if you focus on the story itself, the series of events that dogged Junior's life, it's not a bad movie at all. That's why I'm giving this three stars.

  5. aaaron's rating of the film Manito

    Really well acted and cast movie that lets you get to know its characters organically. Feels like a very driven short story. The hand-held camera work -- which moves wildly and doesn't always let you see enough -- is jarring but didn't make me like the movie any less.

  6. Maricusa Martinez's rating of the film Manito

    Terrible copy or terrible photography.