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  1. Photo of Frank Van Passel

    Frank Van Passel Director

  2. Photo of Dirk Impens

    Dirk Impens Producer

  3. Photo of Rudy Verzyck

    Rudy Verzyck Producer

  4. Photo of Christophe Dirickx

    Christophe Dirickx Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jan Vancaillie

    Jan Vancaillie Cinematography

  6. Photo of Frank Vercruyssen

    Frank Vercruyssen Cast

  7. Photo of Antje de Boeck

    Antje de Boeck Cast

  8. Photo of Ann Petersen

    Ann Petersen Cast

  9. Photo of Wim Opbrouck

    Wim Opbrouck Cast

  10. Photo of Stany Crets

    Stany Crets Cast

  11. Photo of Guy Dermul

    Guy Dermul Cast

  12. Photo of Greta Van Langhendonck

    Greta Van Langhendonck Cast

  13. Photo of Mark Van Eeghem

    Mark Van Eeghem Cast

  14. Photo of Ides Meire

    Ides Meire Cast

  15. Photo of Carina van der Sande ... Moeder Harry

    Carina van der Sande ... Moeder Harry Cast

  16. Photo of Ryszard Turbiasz

    Ryszard Turbiasz Cast

  17. Photo of Karel Baetens

    Karel Baetens Cast

  18. Photo of Ludo Hoogmartens

    Ludo Hoogmartens Cast

  19. Photo of Peter Fol

    Peter Fol Cast

  20. Photo of Jan Verheyen

    Jan Verheyen Cast

  21. Photo of Karin Vaerenberg

    Karin Vaerenberg Editing

  22. Photo of Johan Van Essche

    Johan Van Essche Production Design

  23. Photo of Noordkaap

    Noordkaap Music

  24. Photo of Kristin Van Passel

    Kristin Van Passel Costume Design