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  1. Photo of Loukianos Moshonas

    Loukianos Moshonas Director

  2. Photo of Altino Katro

    Altino Katro Cast

  3. Photo of Anastasis Roubakos

    Anastasis Roubakos Cast

  4. Photo of Nikolas Dervenoulias

    Nikolas Dervenoulias Cast

  5. Photo of Loukianos Moshonas

    Loukianos Moshonas Cast

  6. Photo of Panagiotis Oikonomopoulos

    Panagiotis Oikonomopoulos Cast

  7. Photo of Boris Munger

    Boris Munger Cinematography

  8. Photo of Paul Guilhaume

    Paul Guilhaume Cinematography

  9. Photo of Aigli Drakou

    Aigli Drakou Music

  10. Photo of Fanny Weinzaenpflen

    Fanny Weinzaenpflen Sound

  11. Photo of Fran├žois Abdelnour

    Fran├žois Abdelnour Sound

  12. Photo of Leonidas Papafotiou

    Leonidas Papafotiou Editing