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  1. Photo of Edouard Corniglion-Molinier

    Edouard Corniglion-Molinier Producer

  2. Photo of Roland Tual

    Roland Tual Producer

  3. Photo of Max Aub

    Max Aub Screenplay

  4. Photo of Antonio del Almo

    Antonio del Almo Screenplay

  5. Photo of Denis Marion

    Denis Marion Screenplay

  6. Photo of Boris Peskine

    Boris Peskine Screenplay

  7. Photo of Louis Page

    Louis Page Cinematography

  8. Photo of Andrés Mejuto

    Andrés Mejuto Cast

  9. Photo of Nicolás Rodríguez

    Nicolás Rodríguez Cast

  10. Photo of José Sempere

    José Sempere Cast

  11. Photo of Julio Peña

    Julio Peña Cast

  12. Photo of Pedro Codina

    Pedro Codina Cast

  13. Photo of José María Lado

    José María Lado Cast

  14. Photo of Serafín Ferro

    Serafín Ferro Cast

  15. Photo of Miguel Del Castillo

    Miguel Del Castillo Cast

  16. Photo of Georges Grace

    Georges Grace Editing

  17. Photo of André Malraux

    André Malraux Editing, Director, Screenplay

  18. Photo of Vicente Petit

    Vicente Petit Production Design

  19. Photo of Darius Milhaud

    Darius Milhaud Music

  20. Photo of Antoine Archimbaud

    Antoine Archimbaud Sound

  21. Photo of René Renault

    René Renault Sound

  22. Photo of Robert Teisseire

    Robert Teisseire Sound